Her Highness

“The sweat drips off her wet forehead, his tongue scratches her cheek as he tastes her salt
“Do I make you sweat?” He gleefully questioned repositioning himself behind her.
She could not respond, she had not been allowed to speak.
The chain strangled her mouth further apart as the blood trickled from her back.
She wanted to scream but she knew that’s what the queen wanted.
She sat on her mislead throne staring down at her, an emotionless face accompanied the dry stench of death. The whip cracked down hard on her spine persuading her to bite the metal in her mouth nearly cracking her teeth.
She groaned in pain
She groaned in pleasure.
She groaned as all negative energy left her heart and fell out with the black blood onto the red floor.
Her hair came loose allowing the black snakes to tremor under his touch. He loosened the restraints allowing her soul to fall to the floor and she gasped as she was instantly struck by what could only be explained as lightning over her already bruised and bewildered back.
The chain was removed from her mouth and tied around her feet forcing them together.
Salt lined the outskirts of the floor, she knew this as she was dragged through it with open wounds, past the queen to the fireplace.
He stole a picture of a bleeding heart from the fire and thrust it onto her skin burning any remnants of anything normal from her past.
The queen cried in pleasure as her slave cried in pain, her master abusing what trust she had left in a normal reality.
Her highness bowed in front of her slave, picking up her emotionally decayed body and laying it into a cool bath, dressing her wounds as her slave lay there, delusional. The antique cross that hung from the queen’s forehead dwindled in the low candlelight as she placed the slave girl into a bed of silk and feathers to heal.
“This is your home now” whispered the queen
“This is your home, just worship me, rule me, do as I say and you will be my queen…”
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Dear Diary,

I walked in, this time things were a little different.

Being taken straight to our table allowed the importance I felt feel validated. They needn’t even have asked my name, they knew who I was. Who we were.

The night started and already I could feel the fever in my veins growing. I knew what to expect without knowing what I was expecting.

That voice, those eyes, that beautiful disaster played over and over in my mind.

I waited

The bell rung and it could not compare with the Notre Dame herself…This was to signal the beginning of what was sure to be a grand night and as a queen entered the stage the crowd hushed.

My how lovely she looked in this light. Her long dark tendrils enveloped her face, her lips moist in anticipation as she took hold of the crowd with the serenade in her voice.

How pretty she was. How innocent her cocoon seemed to be though there was most definitely a shroud of darkness surrounding her. Was this her darkness though? I must find out more.
Her corset fit snug against her petite frame. A long slit travelling up her left leg showing just enough to allow the mind to create it’s own visions but not enough to destroy the elegance her presence seduced around her.
I wondered who had made this girl smile. Who had made her laugh and cry and for a second I felt so angry at the thought of someone hurting this mysterious creature I near startled myself. Fancy that, feelings.
She circled the crowd all too willingly begging to be touched and teasing those who dared. The makings of a fine woman indeed.
As her voice trailed off those who had survived it’s encounter let loose a roar. A very fine start to the evening and thus, with the rules set, we were to begin.

His mesmerizing essence leaked onto the floor like the blood of one of his victims i’m sure.
What a beautiful and yet unfortunate circumstance this man…this…boy, was.
So much chaotic lust wrapped itself around his eyes. His hair flailed about like a madman let loose and his voice…
his voice…
a sinister promise of a bruised kiss in the dark.
My favorite kind
He controlled the room like a governor. Reached into peoples eyes and made them bear witness to the sadness, the anger and depravity his soul promised to offer.
“That’s how it goes” you see…”everyone knows”…

Ahhhhh…to be a Mermaid. The places I would swim and adventures I could have. Some delightful pieces indeed. A shock on the senses perhaps. Kind of like being in a nice hot bath and then being thrown into the icy cold depths of the ocean. Well…having gone from an an elegant seductress, a twisted shadow to a flirty encounter can have that effect on ones senses, but a nice effect indeed.
One mermaid…who’s gorgeous figure tormented my mind, who’s very curves seeped danger into the ships by begging them to come closer to the rocks hypnotized the eyes of the audience as they watched on in awe. Her fiery hair cast doubt on the very fidelity of everyone who viewed her. Someone to be watched closely perhaps. Only time will tell. Our other mermaid…
A tale of mourning mixed with a tale of yearning mixed with a…well a tail. Seeing a beautiful creature such as these makes me content with the fact that I do not eat seafood, or any creature for that matter. My only gift to the world worth noting thus far….
The delectable sound of her voice played musical notes over the crowd and we not only laughed, but cried and wished with her. Someone really needs to make love to this “Merfolk” like the woman she wishes to be.
Of course I would have happily submitted myself as a contender for this opportunity but she disappeared before I had the chance to offer. Never to mind. Imagine that…a lifetime without feeling someone plundering those waters down below. A thought indeed. I personally like the scales…

Luckily it was at this time I was able to compose myself. A drink in one hand…a drink in the other I allowed myself to breeze back to my table. Lucky I had a seat this night for the innocence that followed froze my bones and made it hard to move.
So young, so beautiful. So deadly…so lonely and so content. This little doll had the ability to give men total and utter control whilst the whole time pulling the strings like a little puppet master. I saw her game. My how she reminded me of myself at a younger age. Her sweet sounding melody made hearts melt whilst her doe-eyed expression begged for someone to love her. Someone to need her as much as she needed them. Someone to guide her, tempt her and spoil her. I instantly wanted to protect her, not because she needed protection, the psychopathic vibe she breathed out of her lungs told me as much, I wanted to more nurture her. Allow her to grow into the woman who she so desperately wanted to be, a woman who takes her respect, or their life…
Still, if she is as she seems, I would dare say this destiny has already befallen her.

My oh my…what does one say when they come across a creature such as the green fairy. Intoxicated by alcohol, by life or pixie dust one could not hazard a correct guess, though the bottle in her hands hinted.
Her pantomime entered the battle grounds. That loud and rather intoxicated presence demanded attention. Those golden locks weaving themselves around her gleaming smile, the green tones of her outfit setting her eyes on fire. What a presence indeed…
If one could sum up this performance one only needs to down a bottle of Butterfly Boston Absinthe, lay back and think about the cutest little fairy you can, done a smirk on her face and then think about all the naughty things you want to do to her glittering pale skin. My how red liquid would look so good with the glittering green skin.
This little fairy has the ability to provoke such thoughts into ones mind that all who bared witness i’m sure found themselves sitting on their hands less they reach out and pluck her from the sky to steal her away. One could never be so selfish as to not share something like this with the rest of the world, it’s something only to be believed by ones eyes.

Then the present came…a controlling mind bending seductive piece which i’m sure made more than one person hold their breath. Parts of me longed to be the victim, parts of me longed to be the perpetrator, but all of me longed to be present to witness this piece and I am thankful the alcohol flowing through my system had not taken too much effect at this time.
With every moan, every cry and every thrust I felt my chest heave. Was it in pleasure, in pain? Was it empathy? It couldn’t have been empathy for I felt no sadness. This piece told so much of a story that with this one scene you could write a book. But let’s keep it short less I lose interest in my own ramblings.
Another dark presence took hold of the stage, this one more cold, more sinister and demanding than the one before. Perhaps the source of the darkness? Perhaps just another carrier. He had a gift to give and the joy one would think when receiving such an item was quickly dismantled.
A cold innocent shell entered the room and stood between two dark forces of nature unaware of what was to become of her. His posture slighted and his eyes clenched as he reached for the present laid out before him. He squinted. He enjoyed it and he hated that he enjoyed it.
His tormentor held down the innocent parts of her soul and pressed on. This boy would have his fill if it killed him, or her, or both. I do not think this being would have battered an eye either way.
Onto the ground her soul leaked onto the floor with her liquid life force. She cried in pain, the tormentor silent in pleasure, the boy cringed in desperation. The knife made it’s way into the one part of her that separated her from them. Again and again she was thrust into until nothing was left, not even sound. The audience silent, the sob’s loud, the blood red and the man…left. A destructive piece which tends to fill my lustful thoughts.


Green feathers still flutter the scent of flirtatious yearnings around ones mind when one thinks of them. Opening, closing, flirting, folding, sweet intoxication and tease. A flick of the wrist, a twist of the hips. Mouthing of a lyric or a giggle in ones eye. It takes skill to kiss every single person in the room without leaving the stage. Such a twisted innocent vixen, just the type I would prefer bound and gagged so I could behold the beauty the bruises would leave on her skin. She gave the audience what she deemed appropriate and took what she wanted. A tantalizing experience for ones senses indeed, one that is not so easily forgotten but followed instead…by a rose.
A rose in a sea of thorns perhaps?
Though the night had been filled with seduction, torment, lust and depravity there is one who always must bring just a little bit more light into the room.
My her soul was warm, her senses seemed pure and her skin soft as a babes. The class she brought to her humor was taint-less. Never had I seen a crowd giggle at the little surprises in store from someone who was obviously very well…adjusted? I dont know if that’s the right word. Is anyone really well adjusted?
A professional on the stage it seems this siren made the crowd not beg for more, but cheer at the very thought of it. The twitch of her mustache made the glint in her eyes echo with mischief.

A delightful end, to a sinister evening. Or was it barely the beginning?

None of these may suspect, know or fathom what may be in store for them.

Time will tell…

One thing to note though…I did happen to come across a cat on this night. A beautiful creature indeed who seemed very eager to be petted and I was more than happy to oblige. Her soulful eyes and seducing whiskers i’m sure captured the attention of many…We all look forward to seeing more of this delightful being.

…It would be a pity if she were taken.

Until Next Time











Fifty Shades of Black – A Character Study and Love Affair. Part One: Genesis

Though I do not have a strong following I believe this need’s to be read by who do follow me. If you follow me for my words, you should definitely follow this blog. XoXo


The elusive, unattainable yet wholly embraceable for the briefest of moments Jasper Baelian Black. I’m going to throw modesty out the window for a moment and say that he is my greatest creation and achievement to date. Yes, I know, I have a venue, yes, Mama…blah blah blah I get it. No. Jasper is where it’s at baby…and I’ll tell you why.

Because he’s me. Wholly and utterly in the darkest recesses of my mind…he is everything I could have been , would have been, wanted to be, hated, loved, was terrified of, lusted after and dreamed of. When I was scared of the bogeyman under the bed, Jasper was it. When I grew into puberty and fantasised about the tall, dark and handsome blue-eyed stranger spiriting me away, locking me up and doing nasty things to me…it was Jasper I saw. If I had been born a boy –…

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Isn’t this love?


Isn’t this what love is?

My, how the darkness fades when you seduce my skin.

If we had one purpose in life, mine was fulfilled when I kissed your lips

My, how my demons dance at the sound of your voice

How our demons frolic together, they have no choice

My, how your eyes glimmer, like those ripples at the lake

the light tendrils of darkness dancing around your neck

The uncharming way you were so sure of your charms

Isnt this what love is? Loving my every battle scar?

My, how your darkness can seduce my own

How we battle on with our defences drawn

My how the sound of armour reduces me to tears

How I feel like I’ve known your seduction for one thousand years

A fire in my thighs when the thunder sounds just right

Like that night in the camp when the lightning did strike

How the acid rain burns both our skins

How we have no choice but to let out our darkness within

How my throat burns at the claws of your lips

How I would sell my soul for one more dark kiss

My, how your blood looks so beautiful in this light

Together now forever, our demons tied together tight

Isn’t this what love is? Needing to never be free

Nay, you shall never give your love to anyone bar me

How your thoughts will only reek of me

How my skin smells so pretty burned with pictures of thee

Clawing my way over your cold abandoned body this night

I lay close to you for warmth

Whilst our shadows become one in the light


I had felt him without him even touching me. A dream within a dream. There he had been, standing over me with those dark daring eyes of his, gazing at my skin as hungrily as a wolf would to it’s prey.

I was nothing but dinner for him. Something to fill the empty spot growling at him to devour something. This is exactly who I wanted to be as it was exactly what he needed.

Other than the heaving of my chest I dared not move. My heart was beating hard and fast as the skin surrounding my body was on high alert. One touch I knew was all it would take for this being to truly send me into sub space.

He stood over me, dominating the very air hovering around my body. My breath stopped. The room was silent. What now?

He didn’t say a word to me as he reached for my face.

Strong and hard he wrenched my head to one side and I felt his tongue trail over my cheek.

“Very sweet” he uttered almost in anger and without a second thought he had me face down over his legs and bare bottomed.

“Do not move, do not speak, do not breath until I tell you” he sneered and I felt his hand slam down upon my exposed flesh.

I didn’t move. I didn’t speak. I didn’t breath. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, I dared not to.

One after the other harder and harder the pain continued and I could feel myself bruising. The wetness dripping out of my cunt was becoming intense and I prayed he wouldn’t notice. Or maybe I wanted him to. My mind a whirl with possibilities it took me a moment to notice he had stopped the beating.

“Well now, what is this” he sneered tracing his hand over my swollen lips. “did my beating make your pussy beg for some attention”

With his right hand still trailing the outside of my pussy I felt fingertips slide over my skin towards my chest. His fingers danced at the edges of my breasts and the feeling sent waves of tingles through my body. I could now feel my heart beat in my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted him to fuck me hard.

He squeezed my already erect nipples and proceeded to slowly rub the outside of my cunt. The wetness I knew was there granted him easy entry to the inner of my lips and my whole body shook as his fingertips made contact with the swollen pulsating clit they found there.

“Don’t you come little girl” he ordered “you can enjoy yourself but don’t you come”

This order would be hard to follow. I could already feel the pressure growing in my sex and I struggled to control my breathing. Orgasm control was something I was never good at. Why control something so strong and powerful?! HOW to control something so strong and powerful was more the question.

With those words he pushed me off of him slammed me back down so I was positioned bent over the bed.

He slapped my bare flesh again over my already bruised skin.

“Count” he ordered.

“One Daddy” I replied.

He slapped me again

“Two Daddy thank-you” I replied


“Three Daddy”, “Four Daddy”, “Five Daddy” my skin was on fire and my cunt was dripping. I could feel my opening begging for some attention and without need to utter a word I felt his thick hard cock enter me from behind.

He didn’t start slow, that wasn’t Daddy’s style. He entered me and proceeded to pound my very soul out of me.

Fucking me hard I concentrated my fingertips on my pulsating clit and felt my opening tighten around his dick.

His hand reached over and twisted my nipple sending ecstasy through my body.

I was being fucked, twisted and rubbed. This man had taken every pleasurable spot that he could on my person and proceeded to take it to it’s highest level.

I could feel the pressure mounting and I know I was about to come.

My breathing intensified as he continued to pummel me and I cried out in ecstasy. My body shook as my knees threatened to give way. He left my red nipple behind and grabbed both sides of my hips driving his cock deeper into my swollen pussy. I could feel the pounding growing harder which only served to intensify the pressure mounting inside.

I came. My muscles tightened around his cock as the walls shook around me. He felt this and in one swift move flipped me over onto the floor so I was kneeling in front of him.

“Hold out your tits for Daddy” he said sternly.

I pushed my shoulders back and held up my breasts as he proceeded to squirt hot liquid over them.

Feeling the liquid run over my skin I rubbed it over my breasts slowly. Daddy always liked a show.

Looking down at my bruised and bewildered body he said nothing, and walked away as silently as he had entered.


What are ships but a dream of the sea’s
Floating, nay gliding over the watery tears
Take the control and guide her safely home
Only when the sea has its way are ye allowed to roam
What are ships but a one-sided treat
take everything you can and spit it back in their face
What is this thing if nothing but contorted
every word you said, every truth distorted
What are you to me if nothing but a noise
someone in the background to soften, to destroy
Take what you must but know ye this
everything you are is equal to piss
You take everything that I have ever offered
but don’t have the maturity to even be bothered
you want and you request and you expect and you cry
and I give and I give and I’m too tired to try
Goodbye my ship, go sail the sea’s
this siren is no longer a friend you can tease
Glide gently over the stormy sea’s
I am much more content in my withered misery
But in the back of your mind, one day when you’re old
You will remember that time when I gave you all
and I hope upon hope as you lie down to die
that you regret everything from that time that went by
and now as you rot, your corpse in the sand
may the vultures make a meal of you before you decompose in this land

The Underground


I entered the dimly lit bar as I have so often done before however, this time it was different.
For me, the venue had changed. The memories I had of when I first made the discovery of The Underground seemed so long ago, and things had most definitely changed. It had been too long since I was able to venture and as soon as I was able, and felt safe, home is where I came.
Flustered I sputtered out my name for my ticket aware of the fact a very seductive presence had entered the room. I could have sworn I felt his eyes burrowing through my skin, or was that more wishful thinking? I dared not look, for if I was wrong I felt I might have died, but if I was right, I fear I may wake up from this dream.
Entering into the unknown I felt my heart in my throat. My skin on fire and I suddenly felt very awakened. What to do, what to do?
Making myself aware of my surroundings I was eventually ushered into my seat to wait for the show to start, and so they entered.
Everything from this point almost happened in slow motion. Everyone around me let loose with whistles and bellows, and I could scarce say anything. I was in the presence of such greatness I dare say I was near absolute speechless.
And that presence, there he was shrouded with emotion as dark and twisted as my yearnings. My eyes refused to depart as I longed for those very lips to envelop my own. This fire had too long dwindled and somehow this…being…was able to erupt the volcano that had so long only stirred inside of me.
What was happening?
The night continued and I grew more…clouded with feeling.
I watched on as lust was thrown about the stage, an underlying warmth and love secretly passed unnoticed by most and blood dripped from the fingers of…well most earthlings there.
This is where I belong. This was my home and it had been far too long.
Then…the performance that rivaled them all presented itself. I will never give too much away for each was special in its own rights but this one performance represented so much I had given in my past, so much I had lived, and so much passion I had forgotten. My voice, I had forgotten. Had I been drinking I fear I may have tried to join them on stage. It spoke to me on so many levels of pain, of yearning, of love, and of torture. 4 of my favorite things.
The poetry that stirred within me was ripe with words my vocabulary had not touched in so long. Trembling, touch, worship, devotion, skin, breath, envelop. Words that speak on so many levels alone.
The night was coming to an end as I started to feel empty again. I knew I would have to make my way back into reality for at least a short while and how I wished I could just elongate this night to last even a short lifetime.
I searched for answers amongst the dwindling crowd and found the space getting smaller by the moment when suddenly, it was time. I was not ready to let go though I know I had no choice but what is The Underground, if not a tease?

Until next we meet XoXo



​The Wrath of This Queen

Thou art but a thorn in my side,
Blistering, swelting, puss fucking fly,

You reek of negativity,

Corrupting my energy,

You sit there and burn in your own feces of life, 

Do you believe your own lies?

Are you that perverted even you can’t deny?

The sickening and twisted vines of your hagged and wretched life,

The melody of drama oozing from your thighs,

Your smile a sinister weapon in disguise,

A malicious intent of causing mass suicide,

And yet thou art humble and deny your own pride,

But I know the truth my pet for I am Satans new wife,

A bride of the south, 

I’m so cold now inside,

The numbness feels good for my hearts a block of ice,

And this pain gives me pleasure when I scratch that twinkle in your eye

Everything you’ve worked for,

Everything you’ve dreamed,

You caused so many anguish,

so much chemistry

But now my dear I hold your soul in my hand,

To burn forever after in my dark wasted land,

Nothing can stop this,

None to hear you scream,

A Spanish torturer,

A jailers dream,

Now sit back an relax,

listen to the children sing,

For you will now know…

the wrath of this queen

Sirens Song

Alone he has been sailing these seas…

Nothing but the wind…The moon for company

and yet how he mourned for the beauty in his sleep

he closed his eyes often…just to hear her sing…


The love call from a siren…his quest and only option…

she sits upon of flower strewn hill…calling softly to him…

sometimes she had wings, and angel by air

and sometimes she had a tail…a sea creature so pure and fair

Once there were three of them…so perfect and so true

but he only had eyes for one…the brunette was his due…


Weeks ago he had turned the ship…a new course he had set

for his love, there was no regret…

But now as he lay weak and frail…

the voice in his head was his only betrayal…

He cried out for the torture to stop…

but he could still hear her bittersweet song…

Something had changed though, as this time he lay awake…

and the fullness of his heart was making his body quake


Raising his head over the sun-scorched rail, port side he searched for this magical island…

and there it was, with a figure atop…singing out to him so he would not give up…

hastily he veered the ship, towards her form…

the song he would let her sing, forever and more

This man so defeated, so burnt and weak

was the strongest man in that time…for the love that drove him to me…

but as his ship neared my shores that day…

he watched as my form betrayed his gaze…

He saw the beauty that was my mirage…and saw the curse that was in my heart…

His ship hit the rocks that surrounded my home…

my jail cell…my prison…this island which ive been thrown…

With a screech of my voice, i fly through the air…

down into the ocean…the remains of my love there…

forever my siren song will play in his soul…

as my sisters and I take the remains back to our home

we devour his soul, his body, and mind…

and sing a song for a new sailor…

so close to Rome…

Second Chance

She wakes up from her tormented past, to alive to care about her old wounds and scars…

the day is bright a new life begins…this is where it all happens…where she has escaped sin…

Washing away her scars down a drain of hope…she washes away old fears and false hopes…

Applying her new face, bright and pure…ready to take on the world without any fear…

The front door burst open…the tormentor is back…little does he realize she no longer fears his attacks…

with a shrug of her shoulders and a flick of her hair….she rolls her eyes and pretends he isn’t there…

Going about her day he grows weaker by the second…

for the realization of his loneliness has beaten him…

Losing the one thing in his life he may have lived for…

she’s lost the one thing in her life she was nearly killed for…

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