Her Highness

"The sweat drips off her wet forehead, his tongue scratches her cheek as he tastes her salt "Do I make you sweat?" He gleefully questioned repositioning himself behind her. She could not respond, she had not been allowed to speak. The chain strangled her mouth further apart as the blood trickled from her back. She... Continue Reading →

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so dark

It's so dark in here She struggles to hold back her tears for fear of drowning Of filling up this empty corroded blackness with the blood of her wet eyes it's so dark Her head, normally tormented with voices seemed so empty She couldn't think with this silence with this ache in her head she... Continue Reading →

Empty Room

Sometimes the fire can be burning bright But you can still feel the coldness of the empty room around you An empty room swarmed with people The fire rages and yet my skin is chilled to the touch My skin, so alone. It is but a flesh bag holding together my blood and bones Nothing... Continue Reading →


Eventually the phone stopped ringing, like it was out of service There was no way for contact I was lost, I couldn’t remember where I had come from or where I was to go Do I have a right to be angry? So many people unlike me preoccupied the station

The Island

Watching from the ship as it drifted away from the land was the strangest feeling This decision tore at her and she had to do everything from throwing herself overboard and swimming back to the place she was comfortable. The very place that warmed her, that caressed her But she knew she couldnt The reassurance... Continue Reading →


As we wake from a long night sleep He opens his eyes and remembers i'm pretty As he wakes up with someone else that's not me He remembers i'm so pretty As I start to walk away close the door on more hurtful days He wakes up and remembers i'm still so pretty As I... Continue Reading →


Was he always there? Did he brush away your hair? Was he thoughtful to you? Did he scare away your demons to? Did he look into your eyes And see more than a stormy sky Did he listen to your thoughts And read between your lines? Did he devour those who would hurt you And... Continue Reading →

What happens when

What happens when its all gone The love you held onto that felt so strong Your heart now in tatters, dripping with gunk Black as the spade that defies your trump What happens now when your nerves are on edge The thinking and the screaming so loud inside your head What happens now when your... Continue Reading →

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