Her Highness

"The sweat drips off her wet forehead, his tongue scratches her cheek as he tastes her salt "Do I make you sweat?" He gleefully questioned repositioning himself behind her. She could not respond, she had not been allowed to speak. The chain strangled her mouth further apart as the blood trickled from her back. She... Continue Reading →

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Was he always there? Did he brush away your hair? Was he thoughtful to you? Did he scare away your demons to? Did he look into your eyes And see more than a stormy sky Did he listen to your thoughts And read between your lines? Did he devour those who would hurt you And... Continue Reading →

What happens when

What happens when its all gone The love you held onto that felt so strong Your heart now in tatters, dripping with gunk Black as the spade that defies your trump What happens now when your nerves are on edge The thinking and the screaming so loud inside your head What happens now when your... Continue Reading →

Drop the candle

What happens when all the hope is gone A candle stub with a flicker of flame left The wind howling whilst it struggles on for dear life Its fighting But the hope, it's dwindling. You struggle to see in the darkness You want to matter But you dont You clearly dont The light fights against... Continue Reading →


Your existence... was it so starved of love you now need to feed on the souls of others to stay afloat are you blind, ignorant or just cruel? Does that doctors mask you wear guard you from the fumes of the poison your words let out? Do you see the pain you are causing? Do... Continue Reading →

qui es-tu

She wanders the Paris streets late at night, so innocent and new Such flesh such flesh Our Paris musician sings late into the night talking about how her fresh flesh may fit just right "la demoiselle fragile avec la peau si belle, voyons votre bustier" he sings again "la demoiselle fragile avec la peau si... Continue Reading →


She lays there completely unmoved by the earthquake around her Her body still in despair though her soul leaks onto the floor through the warm, cold empty tears escaping from her soulless eyes She had waited for that something, that somebody for so long A story with absolutely no ending Her heart had allowed her... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary, I walked in, this time things were a little different. Being taken straight to our table allowed the importance I felt feel validated. They needn't even have asked my name, they knew who I was. Who we were. The night started and already I could feel the fever in my veins growing. I... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Black – A Character Study and Love Affair. Part One: Genesis

Though I do not have a strong following I believe this need’s to be read by who do follow me. If you follow me for my words, you should definitely follow this blog. XoXo


The elusive, unattainable yet wholly embraceable for the briefest of moments Jasper Baelian Black. I’m going to throw modesty out the window for a moment and say that he is my greatest creation and achievement to date. Yes, I know, I have a venue, yes, Mama…blah blah blah I get it. No. Jasper is where it’s at baby…and I’ll tell you why.

Because he’s me. Wholly and utterly in the darkest recesses of my mind…he is everything I could have been , would have been, wanted to be, hated, loved, was terrified of, lusted after and dreamed of. When I was scared of the bogeyman under the bed, Jasper was it. When I grew into puberty and fantasised about the tall, dark and handsome blue-eyed stranger spiriting me away, locking me up and doing nasty things to me…it was Jasper I saw. If I had been born a boy –…

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