Her Highness

“The sweat drips off her wet forehead, his tongue scratches her cheek as he tastes her salt
“Do I make you sweat?” He gleefully questioned repositioning himself behind her.
She could not respond, she had not been allowed to speak.
The chain strangled her mouth further apart as the blood trickled from her back.
She wanted to scream but she knew that’s what the queen wanted.
She sat on her mislead throne staring down at her, an emotionless face accompanied the dry stench of death. The whip cracked down hard on her spine persuading her to bite the metal in her mouth nearly cracking her teeth.
She groaned in pain
She groaned in pleasure.
She groaned as all negative energy left her heart and fell out with the black blood onto the red floor.
Her hair came loose allowing the black snakes to tremor under his touch. He loosened the restraints allowing her soul to fall to the floor and she gasped as she was instantly struck by what could only be explained as lightning over her already bruised and bewildered back.
The chain was removed from her mouth and tied around her feet forcing them together.
Salt lined the outskirts of the floor, she knew this as she was dragged through it with open wounds, past the queen to the fireplace.
He stole a picture of a bleeding heart from the fire and thrust it onto her skin burning any remnants of anything normal from her past.
The queen cried in pleasure as her slave cried in pain, her master abusing what trust she had left in a normal reality.
Her highness bowed in front of her slave, picking up her emotionally decayed body and laying it into a cool bath, dressing her wounds as her slave lay there, delusional. The antique cross that hung from the queen’s forehead dwindled in the low candlelight as she placed the slave girl into a bed of silk and feathers to heal.
“This is your home now” whispered the queen
“This is your home, just worship me, rule me, do as I say and you will be my queen…”

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