​The Wrath of This Queen

Thou art but a thorn in my side,
Blistering, swelting, puss fucking fly,

You reek of negativity,

Corrupting my energy,

You sit there and burn in your own feces of life, 

Do you believe your own lies?

Are you that perverted even you can’t deny?

The sickening and twisted vines of your hagged and wretched life,

The melody of drama oozing from your thighs,

Your smile a sinister weapon in disguise,

A malicious intent of causing mass suicide,

And yet thou art humble and deny your own pride,

But I know the truth my pet for I am Satans new wife,

A bride of the south, 

I’m so cold now inside,

The numbness feels good for my hearts a block of ice,

And this pain gives me pleasure when I scratch that twinkle in your eye

Everything you’ve worked for,

Everything you’ve dreamed,

You caused so many anguish,

so much chemistry

But now my dear I hold your soul in my hand,

To burn forever after in my dark wasted land,

Nothing can stop this,

None to hear you scream,

A Spanish torturer,

A jailers dream,

Now sit back an relax,

listen to the children sing,

For you will now know…

the wrath of this queen


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