What are ships but a dream of the sea’s
Floating, nay gliding over the watery tears
Take the control and guide her safely home
Only when the sea has its way are ye allowed to roam
What are ships but a one-sided treat
take everything you can and spit it back in their face
What is this thing if nothing but contorted
every word you said, every truth distorted
What are you to me if nothing but a noise
someone in the background to soften, to destroy
Take what you must but know ye this
everything you are is equal to piss
You take everything that I have ever offered
but don’t have the maturity to even be bothered
you want and you request and you expect and you cry
and I give and I give and I’m too tired to try
Goodbye my ship, go sail the sea’s
this siren is no longer a friend you can tease
Glide gently over the stormy sea’s
I am much more content in my withered misery
But in the back of your mind, one day when you’re old
You will remember that time when I gave you all
and I hope upon hope as you lie down to die
that you regret everything from that time that went by
and now as you rot, your corpse in the sand
may the vultures make a meal of you before you decompose in this land


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