The Underground


I entered the dimly lit bar as I have so often done before however, this time it was different.
For me, the venue had changed. The memories I had of when I first made the discovery of The Underground seemed so long ago, and things had most definitely changed. It had been too long since I was able to venture and as soon as I was able, and felt safe, home is where I came.
Flustered I sputtered out my name for my ticket aware of the fact a very seductive presence had entered the room. I could have sworn I felt his eyes burrowing through my skin, or was that more wishful thinking? I dared not look, for if I was wrong I felt I might have died, but if I was right, I fear I may wake up from this dream.
Entering into the unknown I felt my heart in my throat. My skin on fire and I suddenly felt very awakened. What to do, what to do?
Making myself aware of my surroundings I was eventually ushered into my seat to wait for the show to start, and so they entered.
Everything from this point almost happened in slow motion. Everyone around me let loose with whistles and bellows, and I could scarce say anything. I was in the presence of such greatness I dare say I was near absolute speechless.
And that presence, there he was shrouded with emotion as dark and twisted as my yearnings. My eyes refused to depart as I longed for those very lips to envelop my own. This fire had too long dwindled and somehow this…being…was able to erupt the volcano that had so long only stirred inside of me.
What was happening?
The night continued and I grew more…clouded with feeling.
I watched on as lust was thrown about the stage, an underlying warmth and love secretly passed unnoticed by most and blood dripped from the fingers of…well most earthlings there.
This is where I belong. This was my home and it had been far too long.
Then…the performance that rivaled them all presented itself. I will never give too much away for each was special in its own rights but this one performance represented so much I had given in my past, so much I had lived, and so much passion I had forgotten. My voice, I had forgotten. Had I been drinking I fear I may have tried to join them on stage. It spoke to me on so many levels of pain, of yearning, of love, and of torture. 4 of my favorite things.
The poetry that stirred within me was ripe with words my vocabulary had not touched in so long. Trembling, touch, worship, devotion, skin, breath, envelop. Words that speak on so many levels alone.
The night was coming to an end as I started to feel empty again. I knew I would have to make my way back into reality for at least a short while and how I wished I could just elongate this night to last even a short lifetime.
I searched for answers amongst the dwindling crowd and found the space getting smaller by the moment when suddenly, it was time. I was not ready to let go though I know I had no choice but what is The Underground, if not a tease?

Until next we meet XoXo




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