Isn’t this love?


Isn’t this what love is?

My, how the darkness fades when you seduce my skin.

If we had one purpose in life, mine was fulfilled when I kissed your lips

My, how my demons dance at the sound of your voice

How our demons frolic together, they have no choice

My, how your eyes glimmer, like those ripples at the lake

the light tendrils of darkness dancing around your neck

The uncharming way you were so sure of your charms

Isnt this what love is? Loving my every battle scar?

My, how your darkness can seduce my own

How we battle on with our defences drawn

My how the sound of armour reduces me to tears

How I feel like I’ve known your seduction for one thousand years

A fire in my thighs when the thunder sounds just right

Like that night in the camp when the lightning did strike

How the acid rain burns both our skins

How we have no choice but to let out our darkness within

How my throat burns at the claws of your lips

How I would sell my soul for one more dark kiss

My, how your blood looks so beautiful in this light

Together now forever, our demons tied together tight

Isn’t this what love is? Needing to never be free

Nay, you shall never give your love to anyone bar me

How your thoughts will only reek of me

How my skin smells so pretty burned with pictures of thee

Clawing my way over your cold abandoned body this night

I lay close to you for warmth

Whilst our shadows become one in the light


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