What are ships but a dream of the sea's Floating, nay gliding over the watery tears Take the control and guide her safely home Only when the sea has its way are ye allowed to roam What are ships but a one-sided treat take everything you can and spit it back in their face What... Continue Reading →

The Underground

  I entered the dimly lit bar as I have so often done before however, this time it was different. For me, the venue had changed. The memories I had of when I first made the discovery of The Underground seemed so long ago, and things had most definitely changed. It had been too long... Continue Reading →

​The Wrath of This Queen

Thou art but a thorn in my side, Blistering, swelting, puss fucking fly, You reek of negativity, Corrupting my energy, You sit there and burn in your own feces of life,  Do you believe your own lies? Are you that perverted even you can't deny? The sickening and twisted vines of your hagged and wretched... Continue Reading →

Sirens Song

Alone he has been sailing these seas... Nothing but the wind...The moon for company and yet how he mourned for the beauty in his sleep he closed his eyes often...just to hear her sing...   The love call from a siren...his quest and only option... she sits upon of flower strewn hill...calling softly to him...... Continue Reading →

Second Chance

She wakes up from her tormented past, to alive to care about her old wounds and scars... the day is bright a new life begins...this is where it all happens...where she has escaped sin... Washing away her scars down a drain of hope...she washes away old fears and false hopes... Applying her new face, bright and... Continue Reading →

Hell hath no fury

Second by second the evidence line backs up...more and more reasons to lock you up... day by day the trust you had gained...big big mistake darling don't you know...i would never hurt you so... but sweetheart can't you mean the world to me blah blah blah I've heard it all before Hell hath no fury like... Continue Reading →

One line

I see you looking at her, her looking at you, she's looking at her looking at you whilst I'm looking at you. no one can compare to your line of vision, your eyes do not drift... neither do hers... I'm looking at her whilst she looks at you, you're still looking at her whilst she's looking at her...... Continue Reading →


Gasping for air in this blood sucking humanity I call life... gasping for a bit of sense in the murderous plane I call existence holding back tears of betrayal and hurt holding back things that are better left unsaid on the floor I watch you walk away in disgust please why god can't you just... Continue Reading →

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